Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again

So it is family picture time.  This is where I let out a big ol' sigh. I think I mentioned it last year but I really want beautiful family pictures. We don't have great photos of any events so I have this yearning for glamorous family photos. We had beautiful ones taken last year and was hoping for some great ones this year too.

I had surgery last Wednesday for my knee and I am still not back to sprinting or well walking without a limp. Making it difficult to go out and shop for outfits and get prepared.

Saturday hubby and I rushed around to get everything wrapped up. When we got home the baby was not in bed napping. She had gotten up and the sitter did not put her back down. (Insert mental scream here). Then the 5 year old announced she did not want to do family pictures and wasnt going to smile. (insert another 'mental' scream). At this point I can start to feel the anxiety set in and the breakdown coming on. If crying didn't cause puffy eyes I would have sat down in the bathroom and cried.

Well being the eternal optimist I am I pushed the thought of cancelling the whole thing out of my mind. In true form everyone was running a little behind and it was a miracle we finally made it out the door. Some screaming took place in the car (the kids not me), finally we made it to the location.

As I had imagined the kids did not find their happy faces once we got there. Nanny the oldest is turning 16 next month so she did a change of clothes and took some gorgeous sweet 16 photos. We have seen two of Nanny's photos but are waiting to see the family pictures. I am hoping we have some that worked. The location was beautiful but we may have to try year.

I really had to talk myself off of the ledge on this one. One of my many character flaws is unrealistic expectations. I think seeing beautiful pictures in blog-land, on Facebook and even at my neighbors home really makes me believe that these other families have perfect families with no screaming kids no meltdowns and millions of gorgeous shots. But this is my reality and even just one or two nice pictures is enough and I just have to be okay with things as they are.

So tell me friends how is the family picture experience for you?  If it is a magical experience please lie to me. ;)

Wishes for a fabulous week!