Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Random Thoughts on Recent Events.

Onto a mom story. My 3year old cracks me up. She is always telling me the craziest stories with huge words. She told me this morning that her puppy was adorable. Maybe not so amazing but cute all the same. The other word I love for her to say is delicious! haha it makes me laugh thinking about it. This afternoon we were on our way home from McDonald's and I choked on one of her fries (which I should have) and she said, 'I coughed all day on Sunday mommy. I was so frustrated, you would have been frustrated too." What, who am I conversating with? The maturity in her conversations just astounds me.

I am off to continue to clean before our trip to Mexico. It would be nice to go tan, but of course it is gloomy out. But really I need to get the house ready for my inlaws. Until next time.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Long Time - No Post

As many of you know I just had a baby. I say just but it has been 7 weeks. With 3 kids life has been very hectic. Here are some pictures to catch everyone up on the happenings.

Here is a 1 month picture of A.L.

Here is a picture of the 3 year old I have been keeping up with - L.D.

As this picture might depict - she is a lot to keep up with. Right now she is acting like a puppy and wants to curl up in my lap - only she is not lap sized! While helping me with some yard work today she informed me she is a genius. She is right she is a genius! I am sure all parents say this but sometimes I wonder....

Also if you look close in the above picture you will notice a pouty A.M. - the 13 year old. She is pouting because she remained on the computer even though I told her we were leaving and than I said let's go. She did not have her hair or makeup ready for the mall - tragedy! It was a super fun trip!

Here is a picture of A.M. the 13 year old I am keeping up with. This job is more emotionally taxing than physically taxing.

She recently got her makeup back. I think she is gorgeous without it but she is 13 so she has not wasted a moment being without makeup. *sigh*

I graduated two weeks ago. I am now the proud owner of a bachelors degree...actually I don't own it, but unlike a title to a house or car the bank let's me keep the title (diploma) at home.

I am sure you can tell in this picture, A.M. is really proud of her mom. This is very exciting to me and makes the work worth it!

Also for my graduation my dad and step mom came into town and took us out to dinner. No longer being pregnant or nursing - I was able to partake in some adult beverages. I had a (several) Ruby Red Martinis. Unfortunately I don't think the bartender got the memo because there were untraceable amounts of liqueur in my drink. Oh well it was fun!

We also put up a pool in the backyard. Of course here in Colorado it has not gotten above the 80's so I have yet to be in the pool. It has been a rainy cold summer here. The summer I am home. Imagine that.

I have also made the kids work in the yard. ;) Just kidding L.D. loves to put on crazy ensembles. She had sunglasses on, lollipop jammies, and her princess high heels. She also had her watering can and wanted to fill it with water - so out to the backyard she went.

I have also made some great meals. Here are pictures of my favorites.

Mexican Bean Salad

Chicken Kebabs

Things are settling down in our house. A.L. is sleeping through the night most nights, which is really nice. L.D. is almost night time potty trained. And A.M. is deciding her mom is her favorite - which I love!! haha (more like muahahah). The hubby and I leave for Mexico on Friday. This is for my besties wedding. Whom I threw a fab bridal shower for. I will post all of the wedding activity photos this week or after we get back. We are really looking forward to the trip but I have a lot of prep work. Like cleaning the guest room (stamp stuff everywhere), writing up care docs and washing clothes and packing.

On a side note, when we get back my main priority (aside from my fam) will be getting my Etsy site up and running.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Move It!

I have been incredibly busy!! Let's see here is my list of accomplishments for the week.
* 120 wedding invites, rsvp cards and maps - I made these for my besties wedding will post a picture of the set.
* 60 graduation announcements - 30 for me 30 for a friend
* 50 baby announcements for a friend (I will post a picture of these when I get the picture that completes them)
* 40 baby announcements for my little one (Again will post when I get the picture for them)
I also have started on bridal shower treats and favors but will share more about these after the date.

Last week I also started back at the gym. Not bad. But last night I took my first spin class and I am in LOVE!!! Love, Love, Love it!! Class is Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays if I can crawl out of bed and get to the gym by 7am.... I can not remember being this excited about going to the gym. I am down 23 pounds so far. I have 20 more to go to my pre-pregnancy weight and 40 pounds to my comfortable weight. We will leave it at that. I want to loose more but that is already overwhelming. 10 pounds at a time right?

the baby is doing great, other than some sparatic sleeping patterns and a fussy time during the evening. All is well, hope the same for all of you!

Oh here is the picture of the wedding invite set I made for my friend.