Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Break!

Today is the first day of summer break! I am so excited to spend time with all of my girls this summer. Not to mention our upcoming trip to Mexico! I am so excited. The hubby and I can definatley use the time alone. It will be such a great chance for us to relax, reconnect and recharge. Yes we are going for a wedding and that can usually be stressful. But my bestie is such an amazing bride. The furthest thing from a bridezilla. I actually have made comments about how I am more of a bridezilla for her wedding than she is. I am also excited to get a few new beach outfits for our trip.

Here is a quick list of things I have learned since I became a new mom...again.

1. I love being a housewife (even if I am not great at it, yet).
2. 3 kids is a lot more than 2 kids.
3. Cleaning the kitchen is not as bad as I thought.
4. Pregnancy brain is nothing compared to new mom brain.
5. I really do shop too much - I have way too many items that need homes.
6. Being crazy about every detail is not really worth the energy.
7. Although baby clothes are little they create about twice the laundry of everyone else in the house.
8. A baby who wants to eat every two hours - leaves only about an hour of time in between.
9. Deligation gets more done

Speaking of being a mother I did not share my Mother's Day Gift.

My Mommy Necklace

My husband ordered me this necklace before A.L. got here and Kristen was so nice and shipped an extra charm in case she was born in April instead of May. Here is a link to her site. Kristen's Custom Creations. I love my necklace, it is beautiful!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

South Beach...Not so much

So I know I posted I was starting South Beach Diet again but I have decided to rethink my plans. I lost a lot of weight after my 3 year old on SB but I was not breast feeding at the time. I did good for two days on SB this time but I was feeling very faint and low energy. Not a good thing for a new mom. I just really need the carbs. I am really trying not to be crazy over my weight, which is very hard for me. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. What I realized is that I am very vocal about not feeling good about myself because of my weight and the really bad part is I have a 13 year old daughter who is watching my every move. So if I have an healthy relationship with food, dieting and that whole circle, what am I teaching my daughter? It amazes me how many girls her age have eating disorders. I want my daughter to have the tools to combat any weight issues the healthy way. So I am trying to control my crazy and I am going to try to eat less sugar, good carbs and get to the gym everyday. Last night my daughter went with me. She brought a friend and they did a various machines, but I am glad they went to the gym and have. Although I have my suspicions they were there to scope for boys. Oh well whatever gets them were they need to be.

Friday, May 22, 2009

South Beach Diet

Alright, today is day two of my South Beach Diet. I am a little embarrassed to say what my current weight is but here it goes. Starting weight: 195 I did not do any measuring but I guess I should do that. I am mostly looking at my tummy as success. I have not started working out yet, but plan to at the beginning of next week.
I started SB yesterday, and I forgot how hard the first 2 weeks are. I really struggled because I felt like I was starving and did not feel satisfied. I suspect this is because of my huge dependency on fruit snacks and cookies. It was a hard day forgoing these two daily essentials. In the long run it will get much easier and the weight loss will be well worth the sacrifice.
In upcoming posts I plan to log a bit about the day to day struggles and any recipes I copme up with. Cross your fingers I can survive the next 2 weeks.
Also for my husbands birthday I am sending him away for the weekend. I can tell that the stress of kids and work have gotten to him and he needs to recharge. SO I will be alone Saturday and Sunday - wish me luck. (Or my kids luck ;))

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Self Absorbed World We Live In...

This is just a quick post to vent about something that totally blew my mind. I was at Wal-mart the other day and I was grabbing simple things. A family of four walks into the aisle I was in and the mother has some sort of spray. She begins to spray it all over herself and than sprays her two boys and her husband with the spray. Not just a quick spray to smell it but continuous spraying all over all four of them. She than sticks whatever the spray was on a random shelf. Maybe many of you disagree with me but I thought that was incredibly rude. Also what is she teaching her children? This is why kids have no respect for other peoples property, because of parents like these. So now that spray will be brought back to its home and somebody will pay full price for a half empty spray. When technically the spray is used and unsaleable. So really it is stealing even though she left the bottle in the store. I would like to note that I am very tired from being a new mom and have very little control over myself, so I sat there and starred at her while she was doing this entire thing. She saw me because she stopped and looked at me and than just pro ceded about her self absorbed world.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lack of Posts

So I have had so many items to blog about but I can never remember them. I have been pretty run down and mentally I think my mind is worse than it was pregnant....sigh. The girls are so in love with their sister, it is great to watch. The baby is on a pretty good schedule but is now awake more so she is fussy. When we first brought her home she was so quiet and laid back we would forget she was here. But after a frightening experience on Sunday A.L. has not been the same. She is fussy when she is awake and wants to be held. With people being around so much it has been difficult for me to just let her cry. I am a big believer in the 20 minute crying rule and am okay with letting babies cry. However with family being around I feel like it is not fair for me to allow her to cry and disrupt them and than when the 3 year old is napping I don't want the baby screaming. We will soon get into a great routine and will forget all of this tiredness.

I have posted a few cards that I have made and I will soon be posting a wedding invite I have made for my bestie! I am so excited they came out amazing! I don't want to post a picture of them until she gets them sent out. I feel like that would be tacky of me. I am also working on my graduation announcements, birth announcements for my new one and my friend. Who had her baby the same morning I had A.L. How exciting! I will post pictures of the two in June. They live in Denver and we have a "play date" set for the first week of June. Actually their 1 month birthday! (I just realized that). I also have another Thank You note for babies in my head, because I need to make more. So once I get it out of my head and into hard copy I will also post that.

Until Later!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I know it has only been a week since I had A.L. but I am really wanting to take off some of this weight. I am nervous to start working out but I have an insastiable sweet tooth. Really a junk foodn tooth. It is like I am craving something but don't know what it is. So I find myself in my kitchen wondering around snacking - on EVERYTHING. I think the worse part is that I know I am doing it and don't stop. Ugh.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby is Here!

Hello everyone! I am very excited to say that A.L. has arrived. She arrived Wednesday May 6th. That is why I have not posted in over a week. Today she is officially a week old! Wow how time flies!
Here are some pictures:

This is my final pregnancy picture

A.L.'s first picture

All of my girls

This was my "Push Gift"

The card read - "Hope you had a good push." My husband cracks me up.

Things are going good. The baby is great very laid back and does not fuss much. Her sisters are very excited to have her home. And I am feeling pretty good these days, just itching to start working out and get ready for my Mexico trip.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun Day at the Zoo

Today LD and I spent the day at the zoo with our neighbors, another play date. It was a lot of fun and the girls held hands again today! Super cute! Today was a very cold day and there were tons of school kids at the zoo today. Even a lot of Junior High kids, you can imagine the craziness. Here are a few pictures I took.

The Girls Holding Hands.

LD Actually Feeding the Giraffe

LD Feeding the Birds

We had a great day, even though the kids got cold and cranky. The zoo is right against the mountains so it gets the weather quicker.

I know this is a little random but here is the Thank You cards I made for my sister for her wedding. I did not add a "Thank YOU" to the card because I made 100 and if they had left overs I wanted them to be able to use them as note cards later. The wedding colors were pink and gold and the new last name starts with a K and that is what the K is for on the front. I am sure that is obvious but thought I would note that. Let me know what you think!