Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Break!

Today is the first day of summer break! I am so excited to spend time with all of my girls this summer. Not to mention our upcoming trip to Mexico! I am so excited. The hubby and I can definatley use the time alone. It will be such a great chance for us to relax, reconnect and recharge. Yes we are going for a wedding and that can usually be stressful. But my bestie is such an amazing bride. The furthest thing from a bridezilla. I actually have made comments about how I am more of a bridezilla for her wedding than she is. I am also excited to get a few new beach outfits for our trip.

Here is a quick list of things I have learned since I became a new mom...again.

1. I love being a housewife (even if I am not great at it, yet).
2. 3 kids is a lot more than 2 kids.
3. Cleaning the kitchen is not as bad as I thought.
4. Pregnancy brain is nothing compared to new mom brain.
5. I really do shop too much - I have way too many items that need homes.
6. Being crazy about every detail is not really worth the energy.
7. Although baby clothes are little they create about twice the laundry of everyone else in the house.
8. A baby who wants to eat every two hours - leaves only about an hour of time in between.
9. Deligation gets more done

Speaking of being a mother I did not share my Mother's Day Gift.

My Mommy Necklace

My husband ordered me this necklace before A.L. got here and Kristen was so nice and shipped an extra charm in case she was born in April instead of May. Here is a link to her site. Kristen's Custom Creations. I love my necklace, it is beautiful!


  1. What a sweet necklace.

    I am glad you enjoy being a housewife. I think I might like it too. = ) Now I just need some kids!

  2. Gooner used to want to eat every 2 hours but I've really worked at stretching her. Add on 5 or 10 minutes between each feed and soon you'll be there...

  3. ahhh what a sweet necklace!
    sounds like things are going welll and that you are getting the hang of things!