Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Move It!

I have been incredibly busy!! Let's see here is my list of accomplishments for the week.
* 120 wedding invites, rsvp cards and maps - I made these for my besties wedding will post a picture of the set.
* 60 graduation announcements - 30 for me 30 for a friend
* 50 baby announcements for a friend (I will post a picture of these when I get the picture that completes them)
* 40 baby announcements for my little one (Again will post when I get the picture for them)
I also have started on bridal shower treats and favors but will share more about these after the date.

Last week I also started back at the gym. Not bad. But last night I took my first spin class and I am in LOVE!!! Love, Love, Love it!! Class is Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays if I can crawl out of bed and get to the gym by 7am.... I can not remember being this excited about going to the gym. I am down 23 pounds so far. I have 20 more to go to my pre-pregnancy weight and 40 pounds to my comfortable weight. We will leave it at that. I want to loose more but that is already overwhelming. 10 pounds at a time right?

the baby is doing great, other than some sparatic sleeping patterns and a fussy time during the evening. All is well, hope the same for all of you!

Oh here is the picture of the wedding invite set I made for my friend.

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  1. You ARE busy and 23 pounds is awesome! I'm at 17! I've never tried spin...