Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite perfumes/colognes/scents

I love to talk about scents.  Certain scents have the ability to take me back to certain moments in my life.  I will share 1 of the scents that always transports me and than my top perfume pick.

1}  Bed Head, Self Absorbed
The smell of this shampoo reminds me of my first trip across the pond.  Just thinking of it makes me happy.  It was when hubby and I were dating and he was over there for work.  We were not at a point in our relationship that I expected to be invited to visit him while he was there, so it made me so happy that he asked.  We had a great time and we also fell in love with Snow Patrol on this trip.

2} Eternity, Love
 There are two perfumes I bought on this same trip.  I would say this perfume is my long term favorite.  Also it was my first experience shopping on an airplane.  This was amazing news to me - SHOP - on a plane?  Amazing - I will take one of everything. ;)  Ha I only bought this.

What scents bring you happy memories?

Thank you Taylor for hosting!

It Was All I Could Do Not To Scream

I wrote this post a few days ago.  I will start by saying, I am SOOO glad hubby is home from Florida.

These two cuties missed their daddy and they let me know it.  Usually when the hubby is out of town I plan a few activities outside of the house to take their mind off of daddy not being home.  I did the same thing this week.  Let me tell you about our outings.

{Night 1}

Went very smoothly.  Hubby left early this morning.  The girls and I went to church.  A pretty typical Sunday.  In the evening an old friend came over.  She and I rarely see one another so this was a real treat.  We sat out on the porch catching up while the girls showed off for her. Most of the time I think it is adorable when the kids have a new audience.  It was also strange that LD (4) even went near my friend.  LD does not like strangers.  But boy she showed off this night!

{Night 2}

The moment I walked into the babysitters I could tell AL (1) was not going to be nice.  She was already screeching at me and running around like a maniac and climbing all over her sister making her sister scream.  LD (4) had an accident at nap time and our sitter was washing her blanket, so we had to wait for the washer to finish.  Longest 15 minutes of my life!!

With AL still being a maniac once we got home I decided to take the girls to the pool.  We have not been in a little while and AL (1) has not been sleeping well so I thought this plan would work two-fold.  I have to say by the time I got the girls and myself dressed and packed for the gym, I was ready to be back home.  I was exhausted.

We get to the pool and there were no family rooms available, so we undress in the hall of lockers - a very public walkway to the pool.  Not that big of a deal because we all had our suits on.  However once it was my turn AL did not want to stay still and kept running off.  Let me tell you how much I love running around in my swimsuit.

Finally to the pool, not 1 minute in and LD has to go potty.  I have to get both kids out of the water and walk soaking wet to the bathrooms.  We get back in the pool and LD is clinging to me like a cat in water.  This is difficult to handle when you are trying to help a 1 year old swim.  They both had vests on but LD is not a trusting/relaxed kid.  She finally lets go a little and I realize she is hanging onto one of the strings of AL's lifejacket.  Sound safe?  We finally get comfortable in the pool and the life gaurds make everyone get out.  Now comes the funnest part - getting everyone dressed.

{Night 3}

I decided to take the girls to the mall.  I did not bring the stroller in because I thought AL could run around the mall and tire herself out.  Bad idea once we were getting food.  She was throwing the biggest fit while I was holding her, I did not think we would make it to the table with our food.  Once we begin eating I realize AL is not going to eat anything because she starts pounding all of her food with her hands.  Her only interest was her juice box.  She was doing fine with her juice box until she started to get restless and decided to squeeze the box.  The straw circled around like an ocsilating sprinkler.  So I cleaned up and moved to the next task.  The playground. 

We get to the escalator and all of a sudden LD starts screaming like I am stealing her.  People are staring at this point and I am at the end of my rope.  She does not want to go down the escalator she is suddenly scared.  I try to reason with her that this is the only way to the playground.  She is having non of it.  She is screaming so loud I begin to just walk off towards the car.  Of course this really makes her scream. To top the situation off a man comes over and just decides to watch - NO JOKE!  So of course I am extra embarrassed and I start rambeling about the situation and he says, "well I woul dhelp if I could."  How about just going away?  I am sure he thought I was beating LD by the way she was screaming. 

So let's skip to the end of my story because this goes on for awhile.  Know how do I get down the escalator?  By carrying the 1 year old and the 4 year old.  Did I mention the 4 year old is scared and I am wearing a skirt with a very loose elastic waist band?  So LD is wrapped around me - arms and legs - and her shoes are pulling down my skirt - on a glass elevator.  Oh and because of all of the wresteling I had been doing with AL my tank top was completly stretched out and hanging very low.  Yes ladies - I was looking pretty awesome at that moment.  Hubby is lucky some guy didn't just snatch me right up. 

Now that I have written this out part of me feels much better, the other part of me wants to sit in the corner and rock back and forth.

Truly when I have experiences like these as a mom it is very upsetting and here is why; I am embarrased and I feel like I am not in control.  When the moment is over I can reason with myself.  I know almost everyone has these moments, and as badly as I wanted to just start screaming and yelling, I was able to control myself.  We did make it out of the mall alive, which felt nothing short of a miracle. 

Hubby is home and things are getting back to normal.  Unfortunatley he leaves again Sunday, for 2 days longer this time.  Wish me luck!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Misc. Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


I accomplished nothing this weekend. Somehow, when I get nothing done it reflects how I feel about my weekend as a whole. Frankly I do not feel good about the weekend.

This morning I gave both little girls a bath before work. I went downstairs to get clothes for both girls. Upon my return this baby was squatting in the hall reading a book and I noticed something underneath of her. She had pooped. I guess reading works on and off the potty.  So my first prayer of the day today was to thank God that her poopy was firm today.


We went to the Renaissance Festival this weekend and I got sunburned, again.

The weather in Colorado has been very fall like. Saturday it was 67 degrees. Burr! I have been thinking about warm sweaters. Like chunky cable knits. I have never wanted a big sweater before, but here I am.

The teenager goes back to school in less than a month. To high school that is! Eek!

Before I was pregnant with LD (4) I hated chocolate. When I was pregnant, I could not have enough. This weekend while at the festival we got cheesecakes on a stick. I did not realize they were dipped in chocolate. I hated the chocolate. Hubby and I realized, I don't like fudgy chocolate.

Carissa, I am so sorry I spelled your name wrong last week!

La has requested I change the nicknames for my girls, on the blog. I am working on some ideas. There pictures are above, so any ideas are appreciated!

Going to be a long week! Let's get it started!!

Bloggers verification is broken again. I think the fix worked 1 stinkin day!!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love From Florida

My Hubby knows I LOVE the beach.  Seriously.  I feel so at peace when I am sitting on the shore.  It is a serinity I can not describe nor can I duplicate.  Knowing this, here is a little photo shoot sent with Love from Florida.  Wish I could have been there!  These pictures he sent make me happy too! 
(wish I would have sent the real camera with him - would have framed these!)

Where is your place of serenity or how do you fully recharge?


I noticed this morning when I brush this babies teeth, it is like a tactical mission.  I only have a very short moment to get the toothbrush in her mouth and get a few teeth cleaned before she realizes there is toothpaste on the brush.  Once she realizes there is toothpaste it is all over.  She chomps down on the toothbrush with her alligator jaws, making it impossible to even wiggle the toothbrush.  I have to wait until she is satisfied that she has sucked all of the toothpaste off the brush and than she will release her jaw and let me finish brushing her 7 teeth.  A lot of work to ensure the sustainability of 7 teeth!  HA!

This baby is a TURKEY!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Funny How Things Work

I find it interesting that I posted a blogger issue on my Miscellany Mondays, that has been going on FOREVER, and tonight it is magically fixed! 

Dear Google: Please contact me and I will let you know where to send my check! ;)  I also have several other items on my "bugs" list.

Miscellany Monday

                                                         Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Okay every other Monday I have felt serene and ready for the week.  This Monday you ask?  Not so much.  I could have just stayed home!

I am totally loving being a matchmaker for my little brother

Hubby is in Florida, and I already miss him.  LD misses him more.

I was a terrible blogger last week and I am going to work at getting back to business this week.

I have been many things in my life, to include a software tester for web based applications and other types of software.  Google/Blogger is about to get a list of bugs from me.  Like why does the word verification not show when you initially land on the page?  You have to press submit to essentially refresh and than it gives you the verification - SO ANNOYING!!!!  I have others but this is currently the biggest thorn.  So Google - if you would like to hire me as a contract tester, let me know.  Will send references. ;)

To add to my many things list I am currently editing my friend/ex-boss' book.  I am pretty excited to add this to my resume!  I am also pretty nervous about the experience.

My husband did an ugly amount of laundry on Saturday in an impressive amount of time!  Yay hubby!!  I usually get 1 load going with big ambitions and completley forget I even started laundry until a few days later.

Something in my personal life I am going to try to be very aware of this week (and going forward) is being more aware of portion sizes, gossiping and spending......gonna be a busy week. ;)

Have you ever noticed that milk that sat out and got warm taste different from milk that was warmed?
I hope everyone has a splendid week!  Thank you Clarissa for being a wonderful host, once again!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Brother

I don't speak much about my family outside of my house.  However - I have a big one!  Three sisters and a brother and the list of family goes on and on!  I don't speak too much about them because this is my blog and I choose to share about my life and I respect that they may not want the same for themselves.  However!!!!!  Over at Kelly's Korner she is having "Show Me Your Life: Single Guy's".  I happen to think I am related to the BEST single guy ever.  How he remains single is a mystery to me!

I have so much love and respect for this man that he is the God-Father of my two youngest daughters AL and LD  He was so happy and proud of this honor, it truly made me and hubby thrilled  and pleased with our decision!

All of the nieces and nephews LOVE their uncle!  And he loves them!

My brother's name is Justin, he lives in Southern Colorado and he is 26. My brother is a very patient caring man; he listens quietly and cares deeply. When he has an opinion and has thought about what he would like to say, he will speak it, but not before that moment. Justin is also a hard worker; he has been focused on a particular goal that looks like it is coming to fruition come January! My brother complains about very little, in fact I can hardly pin point any particular thing he has ever complained about. You will rarely see him without a smile. He is easy going and a lot of fun to be around, he loves to be goofy and have a good time, once you get to know him. Justin is very athletic, he is a downhill mountain biker, retired semi-pro, also loves dirt bikes and 4 wheeling along with just about anything else that gets him out in the beautiful Colorado outdoors. 


When I asked my 14 year old how she would describe her uncle she said he was "genuine" and "big hearted".  These truly are at the base of all things Justin.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's a Busy Mom To Do?

This morning AL desperately needed a bath.  I chose her outfit and realized that this may be the last time she would be able to wear this outfit.  This paticular sunsuits was one of my favorite so I wanted to do a mini photo shoot.  The outfit was a bit wrinkled for a photo shoot and the iron was two-stories down.  So what's a busy mom to do?

While AL did this:

Mommy used this:

To iron this:

Yes that is right, I do this all of the time for minor or baby wrinkle jobs.  I use my strightner as an iron.  It straightens my hair why not my shirt, or my collar or a baby sunsuit?

What household items do you use for other purposes other than their intended purpose?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Another wonderful Monday! 

I was so disoriented when I woke up this morning, I could not decide what today was.  Did I need to get up and get ready or could I lie in bed until the kids dragged me out? 

This summer has been amazing.  Although we got to go to Mexico last summer, this summer has been much better!

Hubby is going to Florida twice for work.  The kids and I get to stay home - boo!!

I had a PartyLite party this weekend and so I got my house clean!  I swear the only way for my house to get clean is by committing to a party like this.

I am a horrible speller and "beginning" and "beginner" are thorns in my sides.

Sugar Plum Jam spread over cream cheese makes an absolutely fabulous party snack item!

All week and weekend I think of funny things or see funny things that I think will be perfect for Miscellany Mondays, and I totally forget by Monday.  Anyone else experience this?

My sister came up with my blog title and now she is blogging!  Check her out over at Eclectic Prep.  She has a magnificant eye for interior design pieces and antiques!
Well I had a fantastic weekend and I plan to have a fantastic week.  Hope you all do the same!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Discovered the Solution

I am a very social person.  I LOVE to go out and socialize and meet new people.  Since we have had kids most of that has stopped.  There is just never anytime.  Even when there is time there are two other factors 1) my hubby and I usually want to spend the time together, alone 2) the cost of a babysitter, plus a movie, plus dinner, it just get's out of control!

So what is someone like me to do?  I feel guilty leaving hubby at home so I can go do things, but I really feel that need to be out doing something and having friends.  As a 30-something mother I find my friends are either married with kids and careers or married and no kids and still going out.  The first group is just as busy as we are and also have trouble getting out.  The second group have a group of friends and are usually going out-out.    We have tried to get together with some friends and just do game night, but it just never seems to happen.

As you can probably tell I have put a lot of thought into this situation.  Well folks I have come up with a solution - Lunches!!  Today I met one of my faves for lunch.  We never see eachother and it is just a relintless guilt trip that I am too busy for her. ;)  Really we are just too busy for each other.  It was so good to catch up and to hear her vacation story.  As well as catching up on our favorite topic, The Housewives.  So fun.

This my friends is my solution.  I will be planning more lunch dates.  The beauty of it?  Daycare is already paid for and lunch menus are cheaper! 

What things in your life have changed since you got married or had kids?  And how have you adapted?

Very Fancy

I can not stop laughing.  I see and hear of so many people getting great finds on Craigslist that I want to get the same great finds.  Now I have to admit that I have this very strange affliction to the smell of used items.  I have tried to go to Good Will or other salvage type shops and because of the smell I can not stay in long enough to look around.  Unfortunate, again, because I see and hear of people getting such great finds.  So I am occasionally inspired to look through Craigslist.

Some of my inspirations have included chairs like these for our sitting room.

From here and here

  However everytime I look I find nothing or I find something too funny not to share.  First image is of a table that the lister is asking $200 for, um it may be oak but it's day has passed and the chairs did not match the table, not to mention the "staging" done in the second picture does not detour from the damage.  Now I will not pretend to know anything about furniture, because I don't, but I certainly think the asking price is high.  Although in a picture not shown, they do zoom in on the claw foot legs of the table.  Which I also found funny.

This second table I like as a little bistro set, and I do think it is nice, but here is the description. 

A beautiful dining room table with clear top and four matching chairs. Very nice fancy set for only 200.00 OBO
Please notice the "fancy".  This had me cracking up.  Anytime you feel the need to describe something as "fancy" you can pretty much bet nobody will be buying.  Well maybe somebody, but not me.


I am like this with several words.  Certain adjectives, just give me that feeling that if you felt the need to tell me you are leading me to something that is not there.  Does anyone else have these words?  Words that just instantly make you laugh or turn you off of something?

So another hour or so wasted searching Craigslist with no luck.  I will have to be a little more presistent I think, but I sure could use some chairs that I can refinish.  My sitting room really needs something!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Do You Know When Baby is Done?

She excuses herself.

AL has been doing this for months.  When she is all done with dinner she just slips through the bottom.  She is getting a little big to do it and keeps getting stuck lately, to which she screams.  This baby has no fear!
I have no idea what is on her dress, you can only see it in the picture.

We have been spending a lot of time at the mall play area lately.  She can climb on all of the toys, up the stairs, down the slide all by herself.  It is quite impressive.  One mother actually climbed up on the play mountain to get her down.  I had to let her know I was watching her and she was okay.  She also enjoys the pool.  Unfortunatley we live in Colorado and have very few outdoor pools, so we are stuck inside at the YMCA.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Here we are again, another Monday.  This Monday has been pretty awesome and now topped off with one of my favorite things, Miscellany, thanks to Carissa!


NO doctors trips for this family this week.  Thank goodness considering I don't think any where open.


AM, 14 year old is in SoCal for the next two week, so far she has been to Knotts Berry Farms, parasailing and zip lining.  I have not done either of the last two.  How fun would it be to do both of those things?


Tonight I am going to sit down and set some serious goals for my week.  The weeks keep slipping away from me and I have so much to do - ALWAYS!


Still working on this mental block I have with working out.  I just am not getting to the gym like I used to - and I can tell.  Blech.


LD, 4 year old, informed us she is not a baby she is a grown up.  I am not sure what to say to that.  She is always talking about when she is my age she is going to do things I do.  Yikes, slow it down, please!


This summer has been pretty great, and this weekend was awesome!!  We got a few things down around the house and also squeezed in lots of vegging time to watch a whole season of Bones, I really like that show.


I bought the book, The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks back in October at an airport and I just finished the book today.  I believe in between the time I bought the book and the time I finished it I have read at least ten other books.  I just could not get into it.  When I did get into it, the book had a less than desirable ending.  I am all for the Hollywood endings in most cases, this was one of them.


Two things you should know about me; my two greatest senses are my sense of smell and my sense of touch.  La can vouch for the touch one, as can anyone whom has shopped with me.


LD said her first competitive prayer this weekend, "please God let me win, i really need to win".  Hearing this I thought maybe she was in the NBA finals, but she was just playing Dora on the computer.

Well here is to a fabulous week!  Let's get it started, so we can get it finished!  What goals have you set this week?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What Would You Do.....For a Compliment?

I went to the dentist yesterday. I have to tell you I absolutely LOVE my hygienist. It is more of a social appointment, we have so much fun. When I walked in she says wow have you lost weight you look skinny. I'm not going to lie, I know she tells it like it is so if she had not really thought I looked like I had lost she just would not have said anything. However my first instinct was, "yeah right lady". Why do we do this to ourselves?

My hygienist, T, then proceeded to tell me a story; T was at a store and she had accidently cut off another lady. The lady began to swear and yell at her. The angry lady began with "You skinny "B"....". T said she has no idea what the lady said after that because all that she could think was "what a sweet lady, she just called me skinny." Even in that context she was feeling pretty good being called skinny.

I am telling you I would have done the same thing! Seriously it got me thinking about the last time I had been told I looked skinny, and I can't even remember. So are we really so desperate for that compliment that we will take the abuse, like from the angry lady, and be pleased all day? I was pretty happy about being called skinny, just that one statement made my whole day. Imagine if we talked to ourselves like that? How would our days be then? I am going to try it out, again, being kinder to myself.

So today, tell yourself something nice, because guess what - Your Hot and somebody should tell you more often. Don't wait around for the compliment give them to yourself, change that inner voice. Here is one way I plan on doing this; when I start to hear my inner voice saying, "ugh my hair is flat" or "ugh I jiggle", I am going to try and be more aware and switch it up, find something I do like about myself and say that instead. Happiness begins within, right?

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's The Dad Life

First I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you that participated in the Blogging Moment of Silence For Cohen!!  All 678 of you I should say, what an amazing turnout!

I thought I would share this video with you all, everytime I watch it I fall out laughing.  it is so dang funny - and oddly accurate!!  Even my 14 year old thought it was awesome.  I am sure those are not her terms but when you grow up in the 80's/90's in California, Awesome is a way of life...and a way to describe most things.

I had a hard time getting the image to fit the screen so if you have issues go here.  Trust me you will not regret the extra step!!