Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite perfumes/colognes/scents

I love to talk about scents.  Certain scents have the ability to take me back to certain moments in my life.  I will share 1 of the scents that always transports me and than my top perfume pick.

1}  Bed Head, Self Absorbed
The smell of this shampoo reminds me of my first trip across the pond.  Just thinking of it makes me happy.  It was when hubby and I were dating and he was over there for work.  We were not at a point in our relationship that I expected to be invited to visit him while he was there, so it made me so happy that he asked.  We had a great time and we also fell in love with Snow Patrol on this trip.

2} Eternity, Love
 There are two perfumes I bought on this same trip.  I would say this perfume is my long term favorite.  Also it was my first experience shopping on an airplane.  This was amazing news to me - SHOP - on a plane?  Amazing - I will take one of everything. ;)  Ha I only bought this.

What scents bring you happy memories?

Thank you Taylor for hosting!


  1. Not really me but Paul Sebastian is what my dad wears...all the girls on my softball will say that scent reminds them of Butchie and my mom wears Ciara, I love the smell of that because it reminds me of my mom!

  2. I agree with the smell of bed head products. They all smell amazing! Your girls are adorable, by the way! Thank you for stopping by my blog (:

  3. A little off topic: I love Snow Patrol!

  4. I first wore Tea Rose and that brings back such memories but I spent half my life wearing Beautiful! Really loved it!

  5. I will have to check out the Eternity one!

    I have a little award for you today!! :o)

    Happy Friday and here's to a great weekend!


  6. Awesome! Those are yummy smells. Smells totally take me back to certain events and it is awesome. I used a prescriptive face wash leading up to our wedding and every time I use it I remember how I felt getting ready and it is AWESOME!