Monday, July 19, 2010

Miscellany Monday

                                                         Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Okay every other Monday I have felt serene and ready for the week.  This Monday you ask?  Not so much.  I could have just stayed home!

I am totally loving being a matchmaker for my little brother

Hubby is in Florida, and I already miss him.  LD misses him more.

I was a terrible blogger last week and I am going to work at getting back to business this week.

I have been many things in my life, to include a software tester for web based applications and other types of software.  Google/Blogger is about to get a list of bugs from me.  Like why does the word verification not show when you initially land on the page?  You have to press submit to essentially refresh and than it gives you the verification - SO ANNOYING!!!!  I have others but this is currently the biggest thorn.  So Google - if you would like to hire me as a contract tester, let me know.  Will send references. ;)

To add to my many things list I am currently editing my friend/ex-boss' book.  I am pretty excited to add this to my resume!  I am also pretty nervous about the experience.

My husband did an ugly amount of laundry on Saturday in an impressive amount of time!  Yay hubby!!  I usually get 1 load going with big ambitions and completley forget I even started laundry until a few days later.

Something in my personal life I am going to try to be very aware of this week (and going forward) is being more aware of portion sizes, gossiping and spending......gonna be a busy week. ;)

Have you ever noticed that milk that sat out and got warm taste different from milk that was warmed?
I hope everyone has a splendid week!  Thank you Clarissa for being a wonderful host, once again!


  1. #4-so glad I'm not the only one. I thought it was just me or my computer! Great post!

  2. You are one busy woman!! That is so cute you are matchmaking for your little brother!

  3. Yeah, I've about had it with blogger. Had it! If I had more time I would switch. Maybe this winter. It should be noted tho, that I said that last winter too. :-) I love that you're being a matchmaker for your bro. Your husband did laundry?! Wow. Count your blessings on that one!

  4. Yay for your hubby doing laundry! I took a little nap this afternoon (first in a looooong time) and the laundry fairy came while I was sleeping - I love my hubby to bits!

    Great personal awareness goals...I need to focus on the same things ;)

  5. Portion control, GO YOU! Blogger is dumb, you know how I feel about this. SWITCH to wordpress ;)Misc. Monday girl is Carissa, not Clarissa. I think it is awesome that your husby helped you with laundry! I think your kids need new nick names. Which one is LD again?

  6. Hi, Adie! Returning the comment love. The word verification thing is a constant thorn in my side. Glad you got that fixed for us. ;) If you stop by my blog much or follow me on Twitter, you'll see that laundry is another thorn in my side. I'm usually ranting about that in my miscellany monday posts. Glad your hubby took care of that for you. Hope you have a great week!