Saturday, July 3, 2010

What Would You Do.....For a Compliment?

I went to the dentist yesterday. I have to tell you I absolutely LOVE my hygienist. It is more of a social appointment, we have so much fun. When I walked in she says wow have you lost weight you look skinny. I'm not going to lie, I know she tells it like it is so if she had not really thought I looked like I had lost she just would not have said anything. However my first instinct was, "yeah right lady". Why do we do this to ourselves?

My hygienist, T, then proceeded to tell me a story; T was at a store and she had accidently cut off another lady. The lady began to swear and yell at her. The angry lady began with "You skinny "B"....". T said she has no idea what the lady said after that because all that she could think was "what a sweet lady, she just called me skinny." Even in that context she was feeling pretty good being called skinny.

I am telling you I would have done the same thing! Seriously it got me thinking about the last time I had been told I looked skinny, and I can't even remember. So are we really so desperate for that compliment that we will take the abuse, like from the angry lady, and be pleased all day? I was pretty happy about being called skinny, just that one statement made my whole day. Imagine if we talked to ourselves like that? How would our days be then? I am going to try it out, again, being kinder to myself.

So today, tell yourself something nice, because guess what - Your Hot and somebody should tell you more often. Don't wait around for the compliment give them to yourself, change that inner voice. Here is one way I plan on doing this; when I start to hear my inner voice saying, "ugh my hair is flat" or "ugh I jiggle", I am going to try and be more aware and switch it up, find something I do like about myself and say that instead. Happiness begins within, right?


  1. That is too funny! I agree though, we are so hard on ourselves and should definitely say more complimentary things to ourselves. =)

  2. This post was totally different earlier today... Um there was a video that I came back to watch now that I don't have a kid in my ear and it's GONE.

    That is a pretty fabulous story. I'm trying to be positive as well. It's ok that areas jiggle cuz I'm doing something about it!

  3. That is so funny! At least she's looking on the bright side of things!

  4. Now that is definitely turning an insult into a make my day compliment. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I needed to read this! I have been really hard on myself because I am running like I've never run before but not seeing the results like I used to. Three pregnancies in four years make for a very different body these days. I wouldn't change it for the world though! Thanks for writing this :)