Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Random Thoughts on Recent Events.

Onto a mom story. My 3year old cracks me up. She is always telling me the craziest stories with huge words. She told me this morning that her puppy was adorable. Maybe not so amazing but cute all the same. The other word I love for her to say is delicious! haha it makes me laugh thinking about it. This afternoon we were on our way home from McDonald's and I choked on one of her fries (which I should have) and she said, 'I coughed all day on Sunday mommy. I was so frustrated, you would have been frustrated too." What, who am I conversating with? The maturity in her conversations just astounds me.

I am off to continue to clean before our trip to Mexico. It would be nice to go tan, but of course it is gloomy out. But really I need to get the house ready for my inlaws. Until next time.

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