Friday, May 22, 2009

South Beach Diet

Alright, today is day two of my South Beach Diet. I am a little embarrassed to say what my current weight is but here it goes. Starting weight: 195 I did not do any measuring but I guess I should do that. I am mostly looking at my tummy as success. I have not started working out yet, but plan to at the beginning of next week.
I started SB yesterday, and I forgot how hard the first 2 weeks are. I really struggled because I felt like I was starving and did not feel satisfied. I suspect this is because of my huge dependency on fruit snacks and cookies. It was a hard day forgoing these two daily essentials. In the long run it will get much easier and the weight loss will be well worth the sacrifice.
In upcoming posts I plan to log a bit about the day to day struggles and any recipes I copme up with. Cross your fingers I can survive the next 2 weeks.
Also for my husbands birthday I am sending him away for the weekend. I can tell that the stress of kids and work have gotten to him and he needs to recharge. SO I will be alone Saturday and Sunday - wish me luck. (Or my kids luck ;))

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