Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Self Absorbed World We Live In...

This is just a quick post to vent about something that totally blew my mind. I was at Wal-mart the other day and I was grabbing simple things. A family of four walks into the aisle I was in and the mother has some sort of spray. She begins to spray it all over herself and than sprays her two boys and her husband with the spray. Not just a quick spray to smell it but continuous spraying all over all four of them. She than sticks whatever the spray was on a random shelf. Maybe many of you disagree with me but I thought that was incredibly rude. Also what is she teaching her children? This is why kids have no respect for other peoples property, because of parents like these. So now that spray will be brought back to its home and somebody will pay full price for a half empty spray. When technically the spray is used and unsaleable. So really it is stealing even though she left the bottle in the store. I would like to note that I am very tired from being a new mom and have very little control over myself, so I sat there and starred at her while she was doing this entire thing. She saw me because she stopped and looked at me and than just pro ceded about her self absorbed world.


  1. Dang- what was it exactly? You are right- it is like stealing.

  2. people do the strangest things, yep that is stealing!