Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lack of Posts

So I have had so many items to blog about but I can never remember them. I have been pretty run down and mentally I think my mind is worse than it was pregnant....sigh. The girls are so in love with their sister, it is great to watch. The baby is on a pretty good schedule but is now awake more so she is fussy. When we first brought her home she was so quiet and laid back we would forget she was here. But after a frightening experience on Sunday A.L. has not been the same. She is fussy when she is awake and wants to be held. With people being around so much it has been difficult for me to just let her cry. I am a big believer in the 20 minute crying rule and am okay with letting babies cry. However with family being around I feel like it is not fair for me to allow her to cry and disrupt them and than when the 3 year old is napping I don't want the baby screaming. We will soon get into a great routine and will forget all of this tiredness.

I have posted a few cards that I have made and I will soon be posting a wedding invite I have made for my bestie! I am so excited they came out amazing! I don't want to post a picture of them until she gets them sent out. I feel like that would be tacky of me. I am also working on my graduation announcements, birth announcements for my new one and my friend. Who had her baby the same morning I had A.L. How exciting! I will post pictures of the two in June. They live in Denver and we have a "play date" set for the first week of June. Actually their 1 month birthday! (I just realized that). I also have another Thank You note for babies in my head, because I need to make more. So once I get it out of my head and into hard copy I will also post that.

Until Later!

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  1. What happened to scare the little one? I am sorry to hear that she is being fussy. I am sure you are doing a great job. = )