Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's That Smell?

Does anyone else play this game?  I am sure it is my laziness or my pursuit of avoidance, but there is always a smell.  No kidding.  Everyday I feel like I am playing the "What's that smell?" game. 

Today the smell was coming from the fridge.  A nice change because I knew where the smell was coming from but gross all the same.

I have the sense of a bloodhound.  People think I am crazy because I can always pick up on the scent of rank.

Anyways back to my fridge.  We got back from Vegas on Saturday night - Late.  On Sunday I happened to open the fridge and instantly I shut it.  I think the scent from the fridge leaped out and grabbed my uvula, because it caused a gag reflex.  Now I have to say I keep pretty clean bathrooms but I totally avoid the fridge.  The thought of old food and mold makes me gag.  When you avoid things in the fridge they just become moldier - and I avoid them more.

So finally today I had avoided the smell as long as possible - it was time to clean out the fridge.  I am not sure what the smell was but I had bought a lot of produce at Sam's a week or more ago and most of it was sitting in my fridge decomposing.  I filled half a trash bag of mostly produce.  Not only did the smell make me sick but the thought of all that had been wasted made me sick.

I will end with saying the smell is not usually from my fridge, I have three kids and the "What's that smell?" game rarely ends the same.  Happy Hunting! ;)


  1. Funny game but not the part about your fridge!
    I think I need to go clean out my fridge now.

    P.S We must get together soon .... miss you!

  2. Ok, that is just nasty!!! I have super sensitive smell as well!