Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Wish I Could Be My New Years Self All Year Long

I know that I need to do a Dallas re-cap, but today I am feeling more inspired to talk about the changes I have noticed in myself.  But I will give you this adorable shot as a taster of our fantastic trip!

So I did not have a succesful holiday season in the weight category however you know what the big change in me is?  That I am not beating myself up over it.  Do I need to make changes in my diet?  Um, yes.  Do I have other things I would like to accomplish?  Um, yes.  Am I torturing myself over these things...that would be a big N-O.

I am writing this because remember last year when I resolved to be kinder to myself?  Well I set that goal because I am usually insanely unrealistic about my expectations and this attitude makes it very difficult for me to enjoy a lot of lifes quiet blessings and sometimes, even the loud screaming ones.  (I am not completley speaking of my children here :)) 

As of right now I have not made any goals or "resolutions", I am basking in my current state of mind and loving it.  I do plan on setting some goals, but right now, I am mentally taking a break.

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season.  And wishes to everyone for a fantastic 2011!!

(And if you are having a bad day come back and enjoythe picture of my sweet baby!)

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  1. Seriously, that is such a cute pic of her! Woohoo! Dallas without me just CAN'T be the same...can it??? I'm glad you got to get away!