Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Thought For Your Thursday

The only way to coast is downhill.

Discipline is the bridge
goals and accomplishment.

Thought I would share this with everyone.  Hubby sent it to me this morning and I am really chewing on it.  I think I will sit down this weekend and really map out my year and set some goals.  I LOVE a plan!!  But with my post yesterday, I will try to be very realistic about said plan. Will keep you updated!  Happy Thursday!  I get to wear jeans tomorrow!  (I know that excites you :))


  1. Yes, I need to be kinder to myself too. Ugh-I hate dieting and working out but we gotta do it, right? Thanks for the quote!

  2. It can be crazy huh! I'm at a good place. I'm not being hard on myself, but I DO need to sit down and reprioritise. I've gotten up EARLY and done my devotions and it has already made a HUGE difference. My body is a temple of God, if I eat crap I dishonour Him. I'm glad to be making healthy changes. Just looking at the girls comment above makes me said. She HATES eating healthy real foods and working out? I do NOT want this all. I'm so glad you are choosing to be positive in this experience. I believe that you CAN and WILL make good changes this year.