Saturday, November 27, 2010

And Then There Was Christmas.....

......At least some preparation. 

I have been waiting for the holiday season for MONTHS!!!!  So happy it is finally here.  I can not describe my joy the day of Thanksgiving.  Now that joy gets to carry on for entire month!  Yay!

I have some things planned for this holiday season to really make some memories.  Hubby and I are and have really just made sure we do not go crazy with presents.  The kids get nice things but not too much......our families take care of that. :)  Mostly kidding. 

Anyways today we had planned to set up the Christmas tree.  Because we had cleared/rearranged the sitting room to make room for a Thanksgiving table to seat 18 we had plenty of room for a tree.  However, being the visionaries that we are, we had no tree.  That's right folks, the last two years our tree has had some lighting issues.  So we decided to throw it out last year and buy one when they were on sale.  Guess who did not ever get to those sales......  So in the midst of our Dave Ramsey makeover we had to make an "Emergency Fund" dip to buy a new tree.  Yes a tree with three kids is ESSENTIAL, and I will not back down from this statement.  We went with a white tree and not the most expensive option (which hubby wanted).  We bought some red lights and a red skirt.  I was hesitant because I really wanted the magenta lights, but this was the one stand against pink hubby has made, so I respectfully went with the red.  I am proud to report we ALL L.O.V.E. the result.  Even hubby sat and stared at the tree for a bit.  It seriously is gorgeous.  And any new moms with a fussy baby, I suggest getting that tree up and setting the baby in front of it to stare.  It has always soothed my kiddos just as it does me.  *SIGH*  I wish these pictures captured the beauty of the tree but they truly do not.  I hope you enjoy, all the same.  Merry Christmas season everyone, may the joy of the season bring peace to your heart!

Sad news, yesterday Blogger only allowed for one picture upload and now the upload window freezes and when it finally does allow uploads it does not use the new orientation saved.  Anyone else having these issues?.  Please forgive the abscence of photos in my post.  I will load them in another post.


  1. I hope you get the photo thing figured out-I wanna see a picture of this tree! I don't know if we'll have a tree's always up in the air at our house. If Matt wants one, we get one. If he doesn't mention it, then I don't mention it. Enjoy the season!

  2. CJ and I put our tree up last week! Haha! He and I both have been ready for Christmas since Halloween :)

  3. Glad you got a good tree. there is something nice about a lit tree at night- I don't know what it is.