Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shutterfly, Be Still My Heart

I have had MANY great experiences with Shutterfly orders.

After hubby and I's engagement we received a Shutterfly book.  Hubby proposed to me at the top of Pikes Peak....during a blizzard.  We were there with my company.  And my boss whom also happens to be a good friend of mine made the book.  The book includes pictures from this day and is a very special book.

After we returned from our honeymoon in London/Paris we made personal thank you cards,

like these:

With this photo.

We had a few pictures taken in front of the Westminster Abbey, but there were other people in these pictures, so we went with this one.  You can order your own personal thank you's here.  There are so many designs to choose from or you can choose to use a simple photo, so that you may use them for any occasion!

I have also purchased several calendars for grandparents for past Christmases.  The grandparents simply love these calendar's, you can order yours here.  Currently they are buy one get one 50% off.

Now Shutterfly is offering Bloggers 50 free Christmas photo cards!  YAY!!  I send out approximately 65 Christmas cards every year.  I usually make the cards myself.  With my busier schedule I simply do not have the time to put that much time into cards this year.  These picture cards are a wonderful alternative!  Just as personal as a homemade card, I feel.  You can peruse Shutterfly's huge selection here.

So here are a few designs I have in mind.  There is such a great selection, knowing me I will not end up with one of these.

The great thing about Shutterfly, aside from their fabulous designs, is how quick your order comes in! 

If you are a blogger and would like to be a part of this please check here.

Did I mention we recently got our family pictures done?  They are incredible.  I want to share them along with my new blog names for my little ones.  (That I have been promising.)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


  1. Fun! Glad you're back! We'll have to trade addresses. :-)

  2. Wow-London, awesome honeymoon! I got my free cards in the mail on Monday and have been busy stuffing, stamping and addressing ever since!