Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Baby

No not a new baby, this baby.

Well she no longer looks like this...
or this...

She now has some hair and most people correct me when I call her "the baby".

But like I tell hubby, my favorite thing about baby, is she likes to be a baby as much as I like her to be the baby.

And she still knows how to have a good time at her birthday party.

Let me set this up for you. She had just gotten out of her 3rd bath for the day, all party guest had left, mommy and daddy were cleaning up and apparently we did not clean up quick enough.  Who knew that giant frosting was so oily....and would leave her pink for so long.  She is a busy baby and totally funny!  (minus all of her midnight visits)

And yes, she is naked as much as she appears to be in these photo's.  Too wild for clothes!


  1. I love the Calio (sp?) picture...too funny!

    As for the pink frosting all over, that's even better! Yay for baths!

  2. That's really funny! Such cute pictures.

  3. We'll join you in the naked baby club! It's just so much easier!

  4. I'm assuming that the last one is ALWAYS hardest to let go of, ya know? We need to hang out again!

  5. :-) I tell my kids that they will always be my babies, even when they're 105. So very bittersweet to watch them grow.