Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I Have Been Up To.......

........Well aside from being a mom and full time career women I found something else to make things interesting.

That is my leg.  I slipped in some juice and twisted my knee two ways.  I have a more "mobile" brace on now.  They originally thought I tore my ACL and MCL, fortunatley I sprained my knee and chipped the back side of my knee cap.  Which makes me throw up a little thinking about it.  The good news is I believe my recovery time will be much shorter.  Bad news is, I have been in a lot of pain and my attitude stinks. 

You know what you do while lying in bed?  Realize how much you sit around not cleaning your house and realizing just how bad it needs it.  Unfortunatley with three busy kids my time in bed was a little short lived.  That and I feel like I should be able to just bounce back and have things I want to do, so I do them, then I whine.

Anywho, lots of things have changed around these parts.  See those pictures along the right?  Yeah slightly outdated.  I still need to figure out new bloggie names for the kidlets but one got her permit, one started school and one grew out of her bed.

(Sorry about the photo quality.)

I really am hoping to post a lot more frequently.  Thank to all those that gave me such a warm welcome back!  Very excited to get back into blogging.  Talk soon my friends!


  1. Ouch sorry to hear about the knee, and I hope they are right with the quicker recovery time.

  2. Oh no! I am sorry to hear about your leg. Praying for a quick recovery. Love the picture of the kidlet at the end there!

  3. The knee thing makes me throw up a little too but I'm glad it wasn't as bad as it sounded! Looking forward to you blogging again.

  4. OUCH! That whole knee business sounds horrible! Haha at the pic, that's funny.

    I'm thinking of switching to using first names only on my blog. I'm getting so tired of trying to come up with names for everyone, and keep them all straight, and then you can't account for friends who just use everyone's names in the comments anyway... it's a pain. :-)