Saturday, February 13, 2010

The First Rule of Fight Club...

....We don't talk about fight club. 

This was are joke this morning as I took some photo's of AL.

My poor baby had a rough time this week.  She scratched herself several times and got hit with a toy.  I was so sad to see her black eye when she got home.  It wasn't major but still sad all the same.  I have never had a child with a black eye so it was a huge shock!  She has no idea how her face looks.  You can't see the black eye very well.  Again it was not very bad to begin with and it has been 3 days. 

Not even a few bumps, scratches and bruises can keep this little girl from being happy!

She also got the side of my nose, by my eye during this weeks scratching spree.  I did not realize it until I put my sunglasses on and it stung.  I looked at her nails and they are not long.  Geech!


  1. What a happy baby..scratches and all! Hope she heals quickly!

  2. I know, those nails are talons, even when they are short! I bet with siblings the boo boos are worse and more often!