Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Live Like We're Dying

Have you heard this song?

I really like this song and I totally get the message, but it still gives me a little bit of anxiety.  I have a constant clock ticking in my head thinking of what needs to get done and time management.  This song is almost enough to send me over the edge.  I love it and I love the words but if I don't focus on the real message my breathing starts to get a little labored. ;)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Girl, I hear ya! I totally have a time frame in my life and one thing just is NOT working out and it totally stresses me for multiple reasons!!!

  2. I do love that song!
    The message is wonderful and I do try to live my life that way!
    Most of the time I do not stress but today I am as I have toooooo much to do and have just been wasting time!
    So I must get busy!

    Happy Tuesday
    Stay calm!


  3. Oh that is a fun song! I'd never heard it before! I as well try to live my life without regrets and to say I'm sorry. Don't stress too much!