Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Save the Jeans

I know this may seem random, but stick with me.

I have three reasons for wanting to loose weight.
1) To be healthy
2) To shop where I want
3) To wear a bathing suit

So this being said I went into one of my favorite stores the other day to get an outfit for my night out.  Of course I still do not fit into the clothes.  Sad but I will use it as motivation.  But my trip got me thinking about these:

I see people wear these types of jeans and they look cute but the practical mom side of me thinks, "why would I buy jeans that are already ripped?  Won't they just rip more, until I can't wear them?  When I have ripped a pair of pants in the past the rip just gets bigger and bigger until you can't wear them anymore.  Does anyone out there own a pair of these jeans?  If so what do you think?  Also does anyone agree with my concerns?  Or am I just getting old and this is one of those "turn down that music" type of thing?


  1. "If it's too torn, you're too old!" Get with it, Grandma!

  2. I bought a pair from Hollister when I was in college. The tiny tears turned into huge holes. I won't make that mistake again - then again, shopping at Hollister was a mistake in the first place!

  3. You old?
    No way, you are so young and very chic!
    Torn jeans just get more torn!
    And they cost so much!
    Crazy to me!


  4. No, not just socks - that would be awful! But he always asks for them! Now that I have an architect husband & my brother in law does cabinetry, they request things like a new storage shed, a garage for their golf cart & crown molding throughout the house!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hubs has a pair of jeans that are ripped and he calls them his "sexy jeans." I always ask, "Sexy to who? You? Your girlfriend? Not me." I don't get holes here please.

  6. Hey girl! Check out my blog on Saturday, I'm leaving something there for you.

  7. I don't see the point in paying that much for something that is already damaged!