Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lecture From Disney

I joined the Disney Movie Club a while back, wanting to collect all the Disney movies for the kids.  I swear they send me a selection card like every two weeks.  It is way to much for me to keep up with.  Because I have been unable to respond in time I have sent back 2 or 3 of my selections and ended up with 3 movies I could live with.

Yesterday my hubby had checked the mail before I got home and had a letter laying out for me.  The letter was a lecture from the Disney Movie club about my obligation to return my selection cards in a timely manner because when I don't I am agreeing to order the movies.  Basically they were not happy with me for sending back the 2 - 3 selections. Well Disney - send me 1 a month and I will make that happen.  I would like to point out when I set up my account I stated I had a 13 year old and a 3 year old both girls.  My first selection they sent me - Hannah Montana.  Why ask me what ages if you are not going to send me age appropriate selections?

Any way I love Disney but I am not happy with the movie club.  Sorry about my rant!

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