Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kid's Know the Strangest Things

Yes, I know the saying is really, "kid's say the funniest things".  Last night LD was being weepy and in the middle of the night got in bed with me.  So yes my back feels delightful today! ;) 

Little did she know that she was going to the dentist today to get a filling.  Yes a filling at 4!  I have to admit, it was a bit of a blow to my parental ego.  Here is the thing, LD DOES NOT LIKE STRANGERS OR DOCTORS OR ANYONE SHE DOES NOT SEE ON A REGULAR BASES!!!!!!!!!  It took us a year and a half and three (3) visits for her to let the dentist clean her teeth with something other than a tooth brush.  Their solution to get her to let them fill her cavity?  Nitrous.  I was a little worried.  So I did not tell her anything about her dentist appointment, not even that she had one until this morning, but based on her behavior - she knew something was going on. 

So we get to the dentist office she picks out her "nose" flavor and they try to get her to breathe and relax.  Right.  So after much screaming and fighting and more screaming she finally starts to relax from the air and gets a little silly.  I finally start to relax and than all of a sudden she just flips out, she starts to scream and does not want the air on anymore does not want to lay still, she is just freaking out.

Apparently they can't just stop the gas they have to get approval from the doctor, turn it off, than flush her system with pure oxgyen to clear out the nitrous out of her system.  Which to make happen we once again have to hold her down, otherwise she will get sick.  So after all of this, she got no filling.  We will try again in six months. 

Two weeks ago I was at urgent care and the doctors with her where they took x-rays and blood.  We got through the x-rays no problem, with a song I made up (you probably do not want to hear) but the blood work was HORRIFYING.

I still find her behavior last night very strange.  It was like she knew something was going on today, even though I never told her.  Kids just seem to have the best senses!  I have tried prepping her way in advance and it seems to make it worse.  So I thought I would try not telling her like it was no big deal.

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  1. Aww poor LD! I hope she gets it filled, what a scary experience for both her AND you!!! Kids, like dogs who are like children to some people, do have that weird 6th sense!