Friday, May 14, 2010

Paris Bound

Well Paris, Las Vegas!  In a few weeks we will be heading to Texas, home one (1) day and than just hubby and I will be heading to Las Vegas.  His company is sending him and one of his employees to some convention in Vegas.  Okay he is the boss so he is sending himself and one of his employees to Vegas, and this lucky lady gets to tag along - woot, woot!!

Hubby and I absolutley LOVE Las Vegas and we do not even gamble.  We love to just walk around seeing sights, like special exhibits and museums.  The last trip we ate at the Eiffel Tower resturant and I fell in love with the Paris Hotel and said that we would stay there one trip, well this is the trip.  Here is where I will be found:

Yes ladies my husband will be at conventions all day and I will have NO kids - WHAT WILL I DO????  Why sit by the pool of course!  Have a few adult beverages, perhaps lug my 5 months of magazines I am behind on or just sleep by the pool.  I can't tell you how excited I am.  But I have a feeling I will get a little restless so I need some suggestions of places I should go.  I have been to Las Vegas a handful of times but hubby is my map and I am a little nervous being solo, so what should I do?  Can you feel my excitement?  I will be SOLO!!!


  1. Oh THIS will be fun!!! I've never been, but that sounds delightful!

  2. Totally jealous! You're so lucky!!! I haven't been there so no tips from me but watch out for CSI!

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS! Wow. Have fun for all of us overworked mothers who dream of this and know it will never happen!! My husband gets to go to Vegas this summer for a company trip, but I can't come with him. I'm trying to withhold the nasty thoughts and just be happy for him, but, not succeeding very well. :-)

  4. I love Vegas! Tips from me:

    Buy a bus pass for the strip instead of taking taxi's. It's $6 for the day and it just goes up and down the strip. Way more convenient then finding all the hidden taxi lines.

    The best pool in my opinion is Mandalay bay lazy river or the venetian. We've also spent time at the flamingo which has water slides, but it's usually pretty crowded.

    Buy your drinks before going into the pool area. A yard long margarita is about $12-15$ on the strip and $25 in most pools. ( same with beer or other cocktails)

    Inside planet Hollywood there is a killer sandwich place called earl of sandwich. It's AMAZING. And cheap which is unheard of for Vegas.

    The best shows we've seen are: Carrot Top for comedy. Sin city bad girls for burlesque or any of the cirque du soleil shows.

    Have an amazing time! And be sure to bring lots of sun screen!