Thursday, May 13, 2010

Look Who Is 1!

This pretty little girl turned 1 on the 6th of May.  Once again I meant to do this post, well a week ago.  With our big event coming up it has been nearly impossible to get anything done.  So here it goes.  A few pictures and a little update on all things this proud mommy thinks are amazing about this fabulous 1 year old!

  • Little AL is definetly the baby of the family! 
  • She loves to be held by which ever of us is around to hold us but also wants her independents!
  • She has been eating solid foods for over a moth now.  Whatever is for dinner she eats, just cut in small pieces. 
  • She has quite the vocab: momma, daddy, Anna, thank you, Uh oh, peek-a-boo (with her hands on top of her head so she can still see), bye, hi, banana, night-night.  Those are the ones I can think of right now.  
  • AL is also afraid of nothing.  She likes to climb on the top of stools and stand up holding onto nothing.  She has learned to climb back down stairs "safely".  Her favorite place to play is on the couch.  She likes to body slam daddy when he is laying on the ground. 
  • She does not like strangers.
  • Walking for about 3 weeks now
  • 3 teeth total (still and about the same number of hairs, haha!)
  • Hates walking in shoes
  • LOVES bananas
This baby is still keeping us on our toes, she is a busy baby!  She is not a car fan and the first week of June we are driving to Texas, wish us luck - eek!


  1. LOVE the excitement on her face in the third pic!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! How did I miss her birthday??? Congrats!!!! Life is awesome after one!