Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Dreams - Strange Traditions

I don't talk about my hubby often enough on here. He is pretty awesome! On to my story. Every year the last six years we have been together my husband has one holiday tradition - AMEX holiday giveaways. Okay so they are not really giving anything away but they sell things on the cheap - as in dirt cheap.

Hubby is not a dreamer. He is a realist - I am a dreamer. I dream of things all of the time and he brings me back down to earth. However when AMEX holiday giveaways comes around he is a dreamer! It is fun to see. His mission today? To get me a Land Rover! This is completely his idea but he is very determined. So determined he even remembered today was the day. So wish me luck! (That I can afford to gas it up.) And wish him luck he deserves a win after all of these dedicated years!!

Hope everyone's Christmas plans and shopping are coming along smoothly!

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