Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not Loving It

As I have mentioned in previous posts my 3 year old has a WHOLE LOTTA personality.  I haven't always called it that but a friend at work always says she has a big personality and that sounds really sweet.  LD's new thing is to say "Mom what's taking so long to get me...".  Seriously I thought it was so funny and cute the first two times and now I am over it.  I know I sound like a horrible mother when I say sometimes I feel like screaming - "get it yourself if you don't like my timeline".  But in all fairness I sometimes forget in the process and get side tracked so it is a good reminder.  LD used to just start screaming about not having whatever I was geting her.  I could write all day about LD antics - she is so dang funny.  Instead I will leave you with this.

Sorry about the food in her mouth, but I thought this was a great picture to go with the topic.

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