Friday, August 6, 2010

Favorite Friday: FRIENDS Edition

Happy Friday Everyone!!  Man I have been tired this week.  Has anyone else?  Is it because summer is winding down and school is ramping up, or is it because there is just always so much to do and we don't know how to say no?  Oh well I figure one day the kids will be gone and I will be well rested and I will sit around bored and complaining about that!

Jen over at A Girl With Pearls & A Boy With Toys is hosting Favorite Fridays: Friends Edition.  I LOVED Friends, I still doI thought it was going to be tough picking just one of them to be my favorite but I actually knew right away.

I like Chandler for a number of reasons, I mostly like his quick wit and his ability to make a situation worse.  When I get nervous I do similar things, you know where you are talking and thinking to yourself "just shut up!!".

And Some Quotes:

Chandler: You opened all the presents without me?! I thought we were supposed to do that together!

      Monica: You kissed another woman!
      Chandler: [beat] ...Call it even?!
      Monica: Okay! 
      Monica: Wow! You are really fast!

     Chandler: It bodes well for me that speed impresses you.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!  Any big plan's?


  1. I love Friends too! Great quotes!

  2. Ah, friends. Chandler would probably be my fav too. His character was genuinely funny. We've got a friends wedding this weekend that my husband is BBQ-ing for, and I'm making dessert for, and huge salads for the day after, and so on... I've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, and am looking forward to it being over. But it will be fun too. :-)

  3. He was one of my faves too! Either him or Monica because I'm so much like Monica...except I hate to clean!

  4. Haha omg of course I totally agree with you LOVE the quotes you chose!!

  5. Um, can we still be friends if you like Friends and I don't??? I never really understood the rage of this show. bah.