Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Long Week

This week has been a very long week. Things do not look like they will slow down until September. Is it September yet? Wake me up when it is. ;)

So the news I discussed in my last post is.......I got a new job. Currently, well until Friday I work for a great Non-Profit. Unfortunately, I was also Non-Profiting. I really believe in our mission and I LOVE my job. I will continue to be on committees for the organization. I was not out job hunting, I had a friend call me about a position she thought I was a great match for I told her no, she submitted me and I interviewed, they called back 30 minutes later offering me the job at the money I wanted. I had set a dollar amount that I would leave for and it was not cheap. I really never expected it.

So here I am with my mixed emotions about the sadness of leaving my beloved/flexible position (with an office), bound for corporate, inflexible America (with a cubicle) but great money. This week has been a long week because I have been training my replacement and apparently I do A LOT of work around this place. I had no idea. Next week, there will be more training. So please excuse me if a am sparse the next few weeks. I haven't forgotten about anyone, I am just busy training and being trained (and learning to work grown up hours).

Onto other news, last night I finally got off my big rumpus and started my 13 week training program. Thanks to La, who is being a GREAT task master in my quest for hotness, I mean healthiness. (Yeah I know it isn't a word, work with me I am very emotional. ;)) Last night was my first run, well actual appearance at the gym, in a long time. I had to push through the final 12 minutes of my workout. How does everyone else do this? Because last night I just kept telling myself "you’re going to be hot".

This week has been a GREAT Weight Watchers week. I am actually very excited to get to my meeting on Saturday and get on that scale!

Watch out World, Adie is on a mission!

So, there are a lot of changes going on in my life. They are all good; I am just noticing as I get older it is harder for me to completely and immediately embrace change. It mostly scares the crap out of me, no matter what form it comes in.


  1. Aw, GOOD FOR YOU!!! Corporate america, BAD... but yeah, the money is GOOD. :-) Make sure to treat yourself with some of that money for things that make your life easier... like a gardener, or a housecleaner. I didn't do that when I was working crazy hours, and now I can't figure out why--it would not have cost that much money, and would have been worth every penny. I'm so proud of you with the working out business, you're doing awesome! We'll keep cheering you on in comments. :-)

  2. Ha, AWESOME! You and I are going to look so super hot no one will EVER know what to do with us. Our husbands will be YOWZA'ED like totally! I'm super happy to be the devil, er angel on your shoulder demanding/encouraging your workouts!!!!

  3. Loving the positive attitude! So happy for you and the new job and keep working girl-you're going to be smokin'!