Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things I Have Learned Form Corporate America

As I said in my post yesterday I am truly loving my job.  I am doing what I always wanted to be doing, but I have to admit corporate america is a huge culture shock.  Did I say huge, yeah HUGE!!

In the last 10 years I have worked for either myself or in a small office.  Working flexible hours with people that I grew very close with.  In most situations I worked alone quite a bit and I enjoyed a lot.

So onward with my list, Things I Have Learned From Corporate America:

1) Going to work is no longer considered your alone time.  And when you have a family of five and you work in corporate america going to the bathroom alone EVER - is a thing of the past.

2) The Office is not as funny, when it seems like it wasn't so made up.

3) I like having a schedule but ACTUALLY having a set time I have to be somewhere and a set time I have to leave really feels stressful.

4) I have my very own printer on my desk - NO KIDDING.  ON MY DESK.  NO KIDDING.  Sorry this one blew my mind.  My first thought was "um, someone left this printer on my desk."  But nope, EVERYONE has a laser printer on their desk.  But if you want dark crisp prints you still have to get off your bum and print them on another printer.

5)  I do not think anyone there is actually there to make friends and my instinct to be friendly and honest is not a good trait in corporate america - I am going to have to calluos and protect.

6) There is an abundance of office supplies, but all the good stuff has already been taken.  I bet the people that are late to meetings are never late to supply delivery day.

7) There are mulitiple "coffee" bars and "Fire Wardens" on each floor.

8) You have to pay for parking.

9) Everyone says "hi" and "good morning" to everyone in the elevator.  Even though they do not know each other.  (This may reference #2)

10) Meetings are not for catching up with everyone in the office, there is an actual agenda and it will probably run over schedule.

I have learned many things in just one week.  I am so excited about all of the things I am learning about my actual job.  These are just a few of my "culture shock" items I thought I would share.  Does anyone have anything else they would add to this list or any stories?

I have a beautiful view of downtown and I can't wait for the snowfall to come!  It will be gorgeous to see the view of the mountains, snow and Christmas lights!  Yay!!

I will have an update on my Weight Watchers tomorrow.  I am pretty excited to share my progress.  I am also getting closer to my giveaway!


  1. Too true, and too funny. I was so glad to leave it. That being said, some days I do miss it. I hate admitting that, it makes me feel like a bad mother. :-) Mostly just on bad days tho, haha. Yay for having an awesome view tho! So cool! Yes, The office and office space take on this hilarious hue when you can totally relate people at your own work to them. :-) Try it sometime. :-)

  2. Oh my goodness. You are too funny. I can picture myself feeling the same exact way. I'd be really overwhelmed I think.

  3. Two words. Shopping. Spree.

    Just one. It will be worth it. :o)

  4. This list was good! What is a fire warden??? So cool that you have your own printer-I would be excited too!

  5. Office supplies and pay checks are my favorite part!!

    There's a guy that in my office that seriously looks like Kevin from the Office.

  6. What in the Office isn't as funny anymore?

  7. I've always hated The Office. Now I DID relate to Office Space back in my cubicle day.

  8. Having your own printer is like a dream come true! I've considered bringing my own in, but then I get real and realize I need to quit being lazy and get up. We only have 4 people in our office.. it's not THAT bad, haha. I definitely appreciate having a small, family-run office in a corporate industry, though.