Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weight Watchers Update

Before I begin I have a funny.

Tonight hubby was carrying baby (I swear I have picked new names for them but that is for another post), anyways, hubby was carrying the baby up the stairs for bed time and I gave her a kiss, I suddenly realized how much I missed her. So I gave her a few more kisses and then hubby turns around and walks off.

I yelled up in protest; "Hey I wasn't done giving her kisses!"

Hubby; ""We just ate were you going to eat her?"

Which I am still laughing about.  Man that guy is funny. 

Now onto my Weight Watchers News!! 

My last weigh in was last Saturday and as of that day I have lost 5.3 pounds!  In 4 weeks.  I am very excited.  I feel it is going really well!

With my crazy schedule I am depending heavily on frozen meals which is wreaking havoic on my stomach so this weekend I am really going to try to strategize.  Do you guys have any ideas for healthy lunch ideas?  Like yummy salads or sandwiches?  Let me tell you I am so boring when it comes to salads.  Like lettuce tomato and dressing boring.  Sometimes I will spice it up with red peppers and sunflower seeds.  But nothing too fancy.  I would appreciate any ideas!

Thanks again for all of your support!!


  1. haha! I always tell my kids they're so sweet I could eat them. :-) When I worked I would make up three our four smaller leftover portions of the meals we had for dinner, and put them in disposable tupperware, then refrigerate or freeze, take to work and microwave for a homey, correctly sized portion of lunch, complete with veggies, a protien and a carb. Those frozen meals always smell great, but man they taste blech.

  2. Soup and wraps. It is the way to go. Frozen meals make my stomach cramp up in a big way. Great job on the poundage!

  3. Sunflower seeds on your salad sound yummy! You're doing awesome-keep it up!

  4. That is so funny what your husband said :)
    Good for you for losing 5 lbs! So exciting! I know what you mean about frozen foods, so not good for the digestive system :)
    I do love wraps though, cucumbers, tomatoes and cheese.

  5. that's too cute :)
    and congrats too!