Friday, June 25, 2010

Giveaway and Sticky Floor Update

Jess over at In the Sky With Diamonds is having a fabulous giveaway!  A $60 giftcard to CSN Stores to be exact!

If I win, these are a few items I have my eyes on.

We have been looking for new rugs forever and I LOVE theis style.  We have two areas that need rugs and this design would be perfect!

I am currently tortured with a stationary faucet and a too shallow sink.  So this would fix half of the problem.  They also had tons of sinks, I just could not decide.  I am pretty set on a white farmhouse sink.

Onto other news - an update on the sticky floor situation.  As I have mentioned, before I ventured into the non-profit world I had my own cleaning business for a number of years.  So I really set out to figure out the sticky floor situation.  Know what I discovered?  1) I am not cleaning them often enough 2) the stickiness is from all of the extra fruit consumption in the house.
The culprits are pictured below.

  The cute baldy flings fruit - not poo, like most monkeies and the other cute girl likes to wander while she eats.  The way I was able to solve this was with my handy Bissel Steam Mop for my tile and my Orange Glo Mop for my hardwoods.  Now, I only use the Orange GLo Mop damp with water day-to-day.  If I am going to do a good thorough cleaning than I use the solution.  This system helps keep your floors looking fresh and shiney.  I have used other woodfloor cleaning products I prefer Orange Glo, in the spray bottle.  Just a note I am not paid by either company with money or product to say these things.  I have experience to back this up.  I like to find the best way to clean with the least amount of work.  I also obviously can't stand for anything to be sticky or gross - so it HAS to work!

Happy cleaning and get over to see Jess and enter!

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  1. So hubs isn't a culprit too??? That's a great picture. I don't know that we've ever discusses cleaning skills but I have zero and Matt complains about it all the time. His parents own a cleaning business and last weekend, his mom asked if I wanted to help her with a house. I laughed and commented, "Matt OBVIOUSLY never told you about my cleaning skills..." The offer was quickly withdrawn!