Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Texas Recap

I know I already covered some things about our trip to Texas in this post.  I wanted to share a little about a blogger meet up and some other pictures from our trip.

Friday, I met up with La and her super cute baby Gooner!  This was my first meetup and I was not sure what to expect.  The anticipation felt like a blind date.  However our meeting was anything but awkard!  It was like two old high school friends meeting up, it was a great experience!  So on Friday we went to the pool and on Sunday we met up again and went to the mall.  We did so much talking we forgot to put in quality blog photo taking time.  Here is a picture from our meet up on Friday. 

Friday night we went with hubby's family to the Bavarian Grill, a German restaurant.  The picture below was our salad that came before the meal.  I had never eaten German food except at Epcot so I was very surprised to see this salad.  It was very good, I really enjoyed it.  The rest of the meal was great too, but AL began getting fussy so I was not very interested in taking more pictures!  That and my mother-in-law is so great about pictures that I tend to become dependent on her to get all of the pictures.  I forgot to get a copy of all pictures before we left Texas.

On Saturday we set out to go to The Wiggles Play Place. LD was SO excited; when we got there it was closed down. It is affiliated with the Wiggles - officially and not a word of it being closed anywhere on their website. You can imagine how a 4 year old girl reacted to this news. So it was off to the mall for pony rides and jewelry. The girls rode the carousel with daddy, played at the play area and Grammy helped pass on her love of jewelry to LD, with a little Hello Kitty necklace, rings and hair clips. She looked adorable, again no pics, sorry. I had only a few pictures left on my camera.

AL can climb all the way to the top of that slide. She has sticky spider toes! She loves to climb and slide and needs no help.

Saturday night we met up with hubby’s best friend and had dinner. When we were leaving the house LD asked where we were going, I said to see daddy’s friend. She asked what kind of friend, well since his friend takes so long to get ready I said a girlfriend. haha Than we realized that hubby and his friend had met when they were LD's age. Well hubby was 5 and his friend was 4. Isn't that so cool?

My in-laws are the nicest people ever. They are so welcoming and LD cannot get enough of them. All though it was a semi-quick trip we did a lot and had a great time.

My next post will cover Vegas, make sure you come back, I have a hilarious video!


  1. Fun! Meeting blog friends is so cool, I think because you already know all the weird little details about people, and their views on things, so you can just pop into conversation like you've known each other forever. :-) Sounds like a great time!

  2. Blogger meet ups are the best because you already have all the awkward/small talk out of the way, its like you know each other REALLY well!!! Looks like a great trip to me...glad my BBFF is back!

  3. We have young Wiggles fans as well and they would have been crushed to drive up to a place like that a find it closed. Sounds like you all handled it well with a backup plan.

  4. I look frumpy and huge! It was so much fun meeting you! I can't wait for you to visit again.

    I have lost one pound. One of many right? How are you doing? How do you want to be accountable? Maybe I should be emailing this...