Monday, June 7, 2010

We Are Back

We just arrived home. I must say our trip home seemed a little easier than the trip to Texas.

We are only home for one (1) day and then hubby and I are off to Vegas. I know you must feel terrible for me. But if it makes you feel better I always add in my own self torture. Because I had a spare day I worked it, in true Adie form. This is hubby’s favorite quality about me. Are you sensing the sarcasm? I am trying to lay it on real thick.

Back to this expansive "spare" day. As I mentioned I saw some spare time and thought, "wow, what a girl couldn't do with a free day and the babies at daycare." So I scheduled that final CLEP test that has been looming over my head for a year now. Only because I have been putting it off for so long it has now become a fire drill and I have to drive all the way up to Denver to take it, so my school gets the credit notification instantly, you know, if I pass. AM's doctor wanted to see her tomorrow afternoon, so I said "sure". So I have to drive back down to the Springs from Denver to get AM to the doctor on time.

Here is my day tomorrow; drop AL and LD off at daycare; pick-up AM friend and drop AM and friend at summer school drive to Denver by 10am (could be an hour and a half drive there with traffic); drive home pick-up AM get her to doctors appointment; come home finish packing everyone; make dinner; serve dinner; bring AL and LD to babysitters for their stay while we are out of time *sniffle*;p back home finish any last minute packing (usually involves a trip to Target) and get to bed, because our plane leaves at 6am - say what?

So there, in case you thought, what a jerk she is going on vacation sans kids, well after tomorrow - I am going to need a vacation!!  Also keep your fingers crossed about my test, I really can't take the time to take another class, and my student loan bills don't want anymore added to them!


  1. Whew, girl, I'm exhausted just READING about that!!! What is the CLEP test? I miss you so hurry home, ok??? Have a good time in Vegas and win lots of money and don't forget to share it with your MO blogger BFF, ok?

  2. Enjoy your trip!

    Also, check out SpeedyPrep for help in passing your CLEP! It's like the only online CLEP preparation site out there which 100% guarantees that you'll pass your CLEP. I used them for the Natural Sciences CLEP, and passed it after a week of study. It be cool if you could do the same.

  3. Busy girl! It was pretty fabulous to meet you. Why didn't we get any pics on your cute day? I don't know NOW you are going to have to be ok wearing the frump shirt on my blog cuz that's all I've got. When you say clep that way it kiiiiiiiiinda sounds like an STD. Today I began charting my calories on fitday again... Here's to 20 pounds...or more!

    Enjoy your trip. Come back and BLOG!