Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Great State of Texas

We are currently in the Great State of Texas!

I know some people, mostly Texas residents think I am crazy, but I am LOVING it here.  It is so amazingly warm.  I would go as far as to say the warmth is delicious because when I walk outside I feel as though I am greedily drinking in all of the Texas heat.  (Again I believe the residents here wish I truly were!)

The drive down was not on any of my Top Experience Lists, let's just say that!  AL does not like the drive to the babysitters across town.  I am sure you can imagine how she felt about a 12 hour drive.  Once we pulled in it was warm enough to go swimming - say what?  This Colorado girl was so excited, so we unpacked the kids, passed out some hugs, tugged on swimsuits and headed to the pool.

Yesterday (Friday) I had a special date with one of my favorite and oldest blogging friends.  More about this later.  I will say now it was a great meeting!

This morning we woke up and LD got in the pool at 7am.  7am!  It was warm enough!

Let's just say I heart Texas and all of its warmth!


  1. You can take some MO warm back to CO with you if you pass through! I didn't realize you were taking the kids. Can't wait to talk to you this week about your trip and the half! I miss my bbff!

  2. Let's trade places. You can stay here and we will move to Co. Did you not notice how stinkin HOT it is. Delicious warmth? Um, waaaaaaaaaaay to many margaritas for you! ;)

  3. We went to San Antonio last year and I LOVED it. It was at the end of march and it was 85 degrees. SO nice!

  4. I'm from Texas.. glad you enjoyed the heat! We are going in July, looking forward to all the pool time but dreading how hot it will be.