Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Man's Search For Meaning

Now I know I am going from one extreme post to another, however this is something I have been thinking a lot about lately.  What am I searching for?  What am I meant to be doing?

Years ago when I was going through a very difficult period of time in my life and found it hard to keep myself going, I read this book.

I would never try and compare something I have experienced in my simple life to the terrors of the Holocaust.  However the book is set in the Holocaust but the theory is based on every single man and woman.  The book explores the theory of how man's search for meaning or of his own purpose in life, can bring him through anything.  I use "him" but it is true for man or woman.  It is a powerful look at how all prisonors that entered the camps were stripped down and essentially left with the same - nothing.  However some made it out of the camps and others did not.  I know there are many other elements to it than just these simple fact, but this is just a quick synopsis of the book.

I would like to add here I have a deep respect for all who suffered during and post Holocaust.  I read quite a bit about the Holocaust on a regular basis.  I think it was a horific period of time and will never understand one person let alone many persons feeling so much hate towards another person or persons.

I have always felt like I lack a little bit of direction in life.  Not because I am not ambitious, because I assure you nothing could be further from the truth.  But I always get excited about something and than once it I have been doing it for awhile I start to get antsy and basically feel like there is something more God meant for me to be doing.  Nothing ever "fits". 

Recently I have felt a little stalled out in life and I am trying to get myself recharged, and guess what I saw on Facebook?

So what is it that I am meant to be doing?  This has been the hardest question of my life and it is still a question I am seeking the answer to.

So if anyone has the answer please feel free to shoot me an email. ;)


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  2. Well, it is REALLY hard to follow after that comment above...

    But do you mean your purpose apart from Jesus?

  3. http://www.christianbook.com/rediscovering-kingdom-ancient-21st-century-world/myles-munroe/9780768422177/pd/422175?event=1010SBF|1453328|1010

    That is the link to the book we were talking about. I am REALLY enjoying it!

  4. Hmm- You have described me completely. Until just recently I never felt like I was doing enough. And now I wonder if I am doing enough again. Can we just be? It is almost like there is some opposition between Buddhism at is core (Trying to be here for the now and experience it fully) and what this guy and your feelings are talking about. We want to do the most and bet he best we can be. Which of the two is better? Or are they connected somehow?

    Frankel's book is awesome. I read it in college. Good for you to read it when you didn't have to. = )