Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Feet and the Tired Meter

AL has found her feet! It is these milestones that I find adorable! I love to see kids learn new things and how exciting each new thing is to them.

This picture was actually taken before we left for Mexico I just did not have a chance to post. This is actually her first "Foot encounter". She wiggled it and wiggled it and was truly amazed.

My husband calls this the tired meter. In this picture AL is definetly not tired. He used to use this technique with LD too. Look how straight her body is! When the kids are tired they can not hold themselves like that they just kind of go limp. (We actually use their schedule but my husband swears this works. It makes me laugh.)

Speaking of tired, it has been a long weekend. All of the kids are in bed so I am heading the same way. Hope everyone has a great week!