Sunday, July 12, 2009


We had an amazing trip to Mexico! It served its purpose for sure. We had a great time with my bestie, her family and friends. What a great group of people. The hubby and I were able to unwind and reconnect which was much needed. Here is a little peek at our vacation. We stayed in the Riveria Maya area, which is on the Caribbean Sea side and the water was like nothing I have seen. I LOVE the beach but this was beyond amazing! We stayed in an Iberostar Resort that was very nice. The service was great the rooms and grounds were immaculately kept. The comforters were a little typical but everything else was beautiful! So here we go

Coming into Cancun

Finally Arrived at the Hotel and Finished Check In

Our Hotel

Ahh the Pool

And the Beach!!

There were a lot of weddings on the beach. This is not BB's wedding, her wedding was much prettier with flowers and colored ribbons on the backs of the chair.

These are the photo's of the things we saw. I will post the pictures of people tomorrow. The funniest thing to me was that they called me "lady". The first time I was completley offended but than it just made me laugh. Even during my AMAZING massage the girl said "lady, roll over now." haha It makes me laugh even now. Two more things. The first is the soda.

Second are the towel animals. The first was a bunny the second was a lump as far as I could tell. I think they skipped a night and than this is the one that is making the blog cut.

Sorry for the long post but there are so many pictures to post! I will do phase 2 tomorrow.

Also I am having a lot of trouble with Blogger this morning, to end the post I can not spell check. So sorry about the spelling I am a horrible speller.

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