Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

Responsibility. As my 13 year old has gotten older I have worried about how much she appreciates what we do for her. So I have tried a few different strategies. This years strategy I am having her babysit for me for a couple of hours a few days a week. The money she earns will be used for school clothes. AM is very into clothes and usually likes to shop at stores that are higher end. I want her to understand the value of a dollar. So I feel if she works for the money she will value it more. It seems to be going well. There are certain situations that come up as a parent that I know what I want the outcome to be but I don't know how to achieve it. Like this situation I know I want AM to be appreciative and to not expect everything when she has not earned it. I think the best way to avoid this would be starting a rewards system at a young age. There are some behaviors that you don't realize are being created until they get out of hand or become obnoxious. How do you teach your kids about money and responsibility. Is this something you and your spouse discussed before you had kids?


  1. Good post!
    If I was a young mom (such an old one..LOL! but such a happy one as my kids turned out soooo AWESOME! I swear I could learn a lot about raising kids from you!
    Keeep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Parenting is not easy, I am sure you are doing a great job.
    Take care.

  3. Some of the Nicest Feelings in the World ~

    A baby curled kittenlike over your shoulder, fast asleep ...
    ... A little child's hand trustingly clasped in yours ...

    Just wanted to share that with you, even though it doesn't relate to your post.

  4. I haven't talked about it with Chris- but I am sure we will. His parents and my parents raised us differently so it will be an interesting merge when the time comes.