Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Cards

My dear friend Margie came over today and played with the kids while I spent a little time stamping. I have not been able to stamp in awhile so it was a great break! I am so thankful for my friend. Here are some of the cards I made. I needed some thank you notes. I am not in love with all of them but I had fun and now I have some thank yous made. I focused on using one stamp set. It was the first time I used it and I really liked it. If you enlarge the cards with the green background you can see the different textures on the green.


  1. Your cards are AWESOME!
    And, I loved being with your girls!
    It was a time of joy for me!

  2. Nice stamping! I am impressed- you are talented.

  3. That is great! You've done a great job!

  4. Hi,
    Margie suggested that I stop by to take a look at your very pretty cards. I used to do stamping and scrapbooking. Now, I am back to just scrapbooking.
    I have know Margie for 15 years. So, then of course, I know Bess. I went to Bess's graduation from college and I did see some of the beautiful wedding pictures. Take care.

  5. Such cute cards! I love all things scrapbooky but I just can't find the time :(.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the sweet comments about my kitchen reno. A (super creative) friend of mine did beadboard on her cabinets and it looks devine! They're more work than just painting them but I think well worth it!