Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Fun

Just wanted to post a few new photos. I have been trying to get LD to the park during the day. We have fallen into the trap of letting her watch too much TV.

Here is LD at the park. She insisted on wearing her rain boots and she always has a watch on. I found a real analog watch her size at Gymboree. (This is not it.)

Here is AL with her cute sun hat. I was happy to have found the hat in the diaper bag when we got to the park.

In another effort to do some summer stuff before it is over we are going to the lake. It was in the 50's this evening, actually chilly enough for a sweatshirt. I think the lack of hot summer days this year is making me panic about summer being over. Hope everyone has a great, warm weekend!


  1. I live the little one in boots. It looks so muddy there. = )

  2. What little sweethearts!
    Love the pictures!