Friday, July 24, 2009

Friends Yet to Meet

Growing up our church had a sign above the sanctuary door that read; "No Strangers Just Friends Yet To Meet". I always loved that sign and read it every time I walked into the sanctuary. The sign is exactly how I interact with people. Everyone I meet I assume are my friends. I know this may sound silly but it is just how I am. What strikes me as funny is that my 3 year old is like this too. I assume that all children are like this. I just think it is so funny when we go to the park and she has not talked to any of the other kids but when it is time to leave she cries and says she will miss her friends. Maybe I have a 3 year olds state of mind when it comes to social interaction, but I am just friendly and I am okay with that.


  1. That is cute- I like that sign too.

    (What is your idea? I am still thinking about etsy)

  2. Oh, loved this post!
    You are just a sweet & friendly person.
    If only more people were like you!