Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Newborn Pictures of AL

With all of the craziness swirling around our home I have failed to post these gorgeous pictures of AL. Our neighbors our amazing photographers, they own Trystan Photography, you can check them out here. Kim took these pictures and she did an amazing job.
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  1. So very beautiful!
    Surprise...it's Margie.
    I forget to mention that I have a blog too...a very neglected blog!

    Can't wait till I see your precious little ones on Thursday!

  2. Beautiful! I love newborn pics and your baby is absolutely adorable!

  3. They look great- from the thumbnail- i couldn't see your baby up close. what am I doing wrong?

  4. Check- sorry- I was trying to see them from the link you gave us. Beautiful girl you have.

  5. Hey there- I don't have one for whole wheat bread per se- I actually don't buy all purpose flour- the only flour I cook with is whole wheat . . . I mix whole wheat, white whole wheat and whole wheat pastry flour together in a bin. Most whole wheat bread recipes have whole wheat and all purpose. But I can work on one just for you!

  6. These photos are so beautiful - what a cutie pie! I can't wait to have photos taken when our baby girl arrives this fall :)