Friday, September 18, 2009

4 Months

I have been wanting to post this for awhile and just have not gotten it done. Just seems to be how things are going right now. Oh well, I am doing it now and I hope you enjoy.

AL is 4 months (4.5 really) and she is an angel. Really. We had a rough start but now that we have everything figured out she is an absolute delight. Rarely will you find this baby not smiling - all the way to her toes. She smiles even when she is in the middle of a cry. Although she rarely cries. She just hangs out playing on her mat (smiling). Looking at her you can't help but smile too. Here are some pictures. The flash is so bright and has a delay so it makes her not smile.


AM and LD love her to death!  They are always wanting to hold her or play with her.  It is cute.
At 4 Months AL is:
Eating bananas and cereal before bed.
Bedtime is 8pm.
She sleeps 12 hours.
She sucks her thumb - SO CUTE!
She can hold herself up for short periods of time.
Pull herself help.
Rollover to her side.
LOVES to swim.
Loves baths.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures I am trying to figure out the different things with my camera.


    Precious little angel!
    She is so beautiful and so smart!
    I loved this post and I love your sweet baby!


  2. aww- happy 4.5 month birthday! She looks adorable- glad things are going well.