Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am Shocked and Amazed!

Some of the blogs I follow are written be some truly amazing women! These women can make something out of nothing. I have been so inspired that today I finally made it out of my house with coupons and saved a total of $27. It may not seem like a lot but considering I used to snub coupons it is a big deal. I used to think - $.40? hardly worth my time. But seeing how they all add up - I am making it worth my time. Who thought I would ever clip coupons?

Next stop is some diy action. Inspired by all the bloggers making miracles from old items (junk) and a can of spray paint. I have an old book shelf that is ugly dark "wood" that I am planning on spraying in a white gloss and lining the back in a pink/green demask patterned wrapping paper I got on sale for $.87. I will post a before and after picture when I get it done.

What have you been inspired to do through the blogs you read?


  1. All the time. I tried to spray paint a garbage can- but it wasn't super successful. I didn't like spray painting. It was hard! Good luck to you.

  2. I agree - I've been so inspired to try using my sewing machine more :)

    Thanks for stopping by my cooking blog!

  3. Some of the great poets I follow inspire me too.
    WOW! You saved $27 in coupons...that is awesome!
    Back to clipping coupons for me!

    Take care & see you soon...can't wait!