Saturday, September 5, 2009

Could I Be a Bigger Baby?

Okay so the hubby and I FINALLY went to see the Time Travelers Wife. We have been waiting for this movie a very long time. It is the first book my hubby recommended to me and the first and only book on cd I have listened too. I listened to this story on my first trip to England. This trip has a lot of meaning to the hubby and I. We had only been dating 6 months I think and it was truly an amazing trip. I love this book, Snow Patrol and all things English because of this trip. Anyhow at the movie last night I cried like a baby! I even had one little sob out load but was able to stiffle the others. So as far as I can remember I have officially cried at every movie I have seen this year. The most recent movies include, UP!, Star Trek (yes Star Trek), Harry Potter, and now Time Travelers Wife. Can you imagine going to Star Trek and crying? Or even HP? I am a huge baby and it was really the previews that got to me. Does anyone else cry at movies? I hate it and I had a miserable headache last night.


  1. That's amazing. I cried at each one of those too! ;-)

  2. I am not going to lie- I totally had to hold back a sob within the first 20 minutes of Up!

    I mean a real sob. After the little life montage. it was just so sad. Oh man- I am getting teary-eyed now just thinking of it!