Friday, September 4, 2009

Mommy Days

Now that my schedule has been in place things are going pretty good. I have Mondays and Fridays all day with the kids. I have Wednesday with them too but I clean 1 house each Wednesday and they come with me. On Mondays and Fridays I try to do something outside of the house with the two little ones. We have a YMCA membership and a zoo membership. As we are trying to cut back these are the two go to options. Monday I took the girls swimming. The baby is at absolute peace in the water. No matter how cranky she is she totally relaxes in the pool. She is so relaxed she just floats to the top. She does not even scream when water gets splashed on her. LD loves going to the pool but she is anything but relaxed and no two visits are the same. Some days she will have no fear and jump off the side into the pool the next visit it is like getting a cat into water. She literally clings to me, it is like peeling plastic wrap apart after you have torn it off and it clings to itself. No matter how the trip goes I thoroughly enjoy the time with my girls. What activities do you do with your family that you enjoy no matter what?


  1. Adie, you have worked everything out wonderfully!
    Those times with your girls are times to be treasured!
    They pass much too quickly!
    Enjoy them all!


  2. Oh- I am so glad you have so much time to be with your girls. I am sure they love going swimming. What a neat thing that the little one loves the water. I love the water too. There is just something about it.