Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 2

The hubby left for a business trip yesterday. He will be gone for 6 days - leaving me alone with 3 kids. GULP So we are on day 2 and I am proud to report the kids are all still alive and I am still alive! I am pretty proud - next stop a plant. Haha yeah right let's not get crazy. The kids are pretty fortunate to get watered and fed, can't imagine the same could be said for something that can't scream. I would like to add that my kitchen is also clean.

I have to go feed the baby now and I may just strut my stuff on the way! haha Hope everyone else is having the same success I feel I am having.

Umm where did spell check go on the new editor? And there go my sails. Sweet.


  1. our daily duties are very challenging. i have never been to the USA and its very interesting to see and learn how an average American woman handles her day. I have really been inspired by this blog.

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  2. I use to go gulp when I was alone w/ just my one kiddo, but now he is almost 4 and it is so much easier. Glad all are doing well!!!

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  4. Good job, Adie & by all means do strut your stuff LOL!


  5. Did you find the spell checker? I need it bad.